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At NCRi Solutions, we have successfully served and uplifted the customer experience for businesses of every size with regional, national, and international brand presence over the last 12 years. We are a business solutions provider.

We pride ourselves in specializing in many areas of outsourcing on a global scale. As a business solutions provider and trusted business partner, we are dedicated to uphold our client’s brand, integrity, and reputation at all times.

NCRi Solutions has become a valued business partner for many prosperous brands because of our commitment to compliance, communication, innovation, quality, and professionalism. We have been able to create long and very successful client relationships as our experts have a solid experience ensuring our customers receive competent and reliable assistance and advice. Our focused approach is to make sure that you get the maximum benefit from the solution we provide.

NCRi Solutions believes in doing business to bring about necessary optimization, leverage existing resources, experience, ensuring maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and utilization within the organization. We believe our approach to being client-centric is a competitive advantage in the current times and into the future.

We deliver customer satisfaction and retention to help you grow your business while offering multilingual services 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

We also stay ahead of the competition by surpassing customer expectations and focusing on automation, analytics, and customer insights. Our solutions optimize performance.


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NCRi Solutions is a pioneer in offering solutions to business needs all over the world. We pride ourselves on investing in leading analytics and reporting mechanisms, employee experience platforms, and technology to meet the requirements of its global clientele.

We are a long-standing as a market leader for clients globally. Clients rely on our exemplary performance & quality, credibility, professionalism and offering solutions to reduce business risks.

We aspire to deliver through experience, success and the latest analytic tools in business process outsourcing.

Years of experience and success in resolving market issues have led NCRi Solutions to expand and help businesses with their non-essential activities. We are one of the leading names in the business process outsourcing industry due to our targeted and effective customer focus.

Through our commitment to service and dedication, we have established ourselves as a trusted business partner for leading companies in many industries worldwide. We have successfully partnered with companies located in North America, Latin America, Middle East, South Asia and now South East Asia.

Contact us here to have a discussion about how we can enhance and optimize your business model to build a more resilient one for the new normal.

Privacy Statement

NCRi Solutions group is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data. We strictly adhere to the requirements and compliance of privacy and data protection laws.

All employees of NCRi Solutions are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all personal information. Every one of our employees is required to sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their original contract of employment. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, customers, business partners, employees, job applicants, and other visitors to our locations and websites.

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Quality Assurance

NCRi Solutions places a heavy emphasis on regular employee evaluations, and we provide continuous feedback about each employee’s performance. Objective quality assurance evaluations are held regularly by the designated supervisors. Our quality assurance evaluation includes:

New Hire Training Program

On-going Training and Education

Additional Training Tools

NCRi Solutions ‘s employees are kept abreast of the laws and are reminded of their responsibility for operating within them.

A Successful Team Beats With One Heart Great Work Needs An Inspiring Environment To Thrive.